Take your students on an adventure to Gritt’s Fun Farm

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Gritt’s Fun Farm School Trips Return September 2024!

Experience Gritt’s Farm in its full glory. Each fall, all 300 acres of our Buffalo, WV farm land transform into a fall fun destination. Gritt’s Fun Farm features nearly 30 attractions and learning experiences for students to enjoy.

Reservation Portal Opens Late August 2024.

Book Online

All school trip reservations for Gritt’s Fun Farm must be made online.

  • No down payment required.

  • Please inform us at least one week before your scheduled trip if there are any changes to your reservation.

  • Parents that plan to join your trip must purchase a Parent and/or Sibling Ticket online or at the gate.

Teachers & Chaperones

We offer FREE admission for:

  • Teachers (head of class)
  • Paid Staff (with credentials)
  • Bus drivers for public and private schools and daycare groups
  • Special Needs individuals are welcome to one support person each at no charge.

Additional chaperones in attendance will be charged for a General Admission ticket.

Payment & Tax Exempt Forms

Please have your payment and your tax exempt forms ready before exiting the bus at the farm.

  • Payment is required per head count on the date the school visits the farm at the beginning of the tour.

  • Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit/debit card.

  • Students may not exit the bus until payment is collected & a Gritt’s Fun Farm Tour Guide has discussed the Fun Farm rules & regulations to your group.

Self-Guided Tours!

Field Trips will be guided by Teachers & facilitated by Gritt’s Farm! What does that mean? Teachers will be responsible for separating groups into 40 students or less upon arrival at Gritt’s Fun Farm and guiding them through the experience. Gritt’s Farm will supply Teachers with a schedule of events upon arrival at Gritt’s Fun Farm.

Gritt’s Farm Tour Guides will be on-hand throughout the farm to help facilitate the experience & answer any questions.

  • All students must stay with teachers at all times.

  • At no point are teachers, chaperones, or students permitted to leave the tour and venture out on their own.

  • Most tours are about 3 hours long, and we’ll be sure to help you cover as much ground as possible!


All buses are to park in our designated upper-gravel bus parking lot. Children and teachers must stay on the bus until further instruction is given by a tour guide. The teacher who has the Fun Farm Field Trip payment should be ready to give it to a tour guide once the guide has boarded the bus. Fun Farm rules and regulations will be discussed with the students, then the real fun begins!

Teachers are encouraged to print off directions and give them to the bus driver on the day of the trip or prior to the trip, if desired. Please be sure to allow enough travel time to reach the farm for your scheduled appointment. Classes arriving late may miss out on activities. We suggest arriving about ten minutes early so that we may take care of the bookkeeping & ensure that students receive the ultimate Gritt’s Fun Farm experience!

Please do NOT rely on GPS to get you to the farm, or you may end up on a gravel road! We recommend utilizing the WAZE travel app for the fastest route from your school.

Additional Rules & Regulations

Guests on our farm are expected to be on their best behavior. Teachers and chaperones are expected to handle any behavioral issues with students during field trips and not rely on tour guides. Tour guides are professionals in providing the best experience to your group and will not be expected to correct behavioral issues. There will be no refunds for groups asked to leave the farm due to behavioral issues.

Our wagon rides have a maximum safety capacity of 30 people. There are 2 wagons pulled together for a total of 60 participants pulled at one time. Although this ride is fun for everyone, students must be loaded first. Extra teachers and chaperones may be asked to wait on the wagon’s return if there is no additional room. This is important to ensure there is enough time for scheduled activities. Extra chaperones may not walk alongside the hay wagon or walk out to the fields. The wagon rides are approximately 15 minutes in duration.

Our farm tours will take place in both greenhouses and outdoors. Students and teachers should wear comfortable clothing, and closed toe footwear is required. Be aware of weather conditions for the day. Because we are entering the fall season, we could experience 90°F to 50°F days with the potential rain or snow. Additional layers of easily removable clothes are suggested.

Teachers should not cancel due to rain. Tours will still resume during a light rain, and activities will shift more into the greenhouses, if needed. If severe weather persists with lightning, we will ask groups to return to their buses and wait out the storm. Efforts will be made to reschedule or reimburse tours depending on how far along the group got on the tour. Tours beyond the half-way point will most likely not be reimbursed.

School groups are welcome to bring student lunches. Teachers must schedule a specific lunch time with Gritt’s Farm upon booking reservations. Typically, lunch is around the half-way point of the tour after about 1 and a half hours, but can vary depending on specific needs of the students. We recommend lunches be packed in coolers on the bus. We ask that lunch stays on the bus until just before lunch. A tour guide will ask a teacher to get lunches together and pulled by wagon to a designated area 10-15 minutes before students are ready to take a lunch break. There will be concessions available for chaperones, bus drivers, parents, etc.

Parents are encouraged to pack a snack along with their child just in case the child needs a snack before or after lunch. Snacks should fit easily into the child’s pocket and not be messy (eg. granola bar). Concessions are available during lunch for purchase. Water containers are welcomed as long as they are easy for the guest to carry and have a secured lids (eg. Nalgene bottle).

Parents or guardians who will be signing their children out to stay an extended duration at our Fun Farm are to do so at the end of the scheduled tour. Schools are 100% responsible for students on the field trip until the end of their scheduled tour. No exceptions.

Guests are encouraged to take photos while on tour as long as it doesn’t interfere with the tour or tour guide instructions. We welcome posting any photos of our farm on Facebook or Instagram and tagging our accounts, @grittsfarm.

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